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eBubbles Soap Rocks Gift Sets Assorted 4pk, 4oz

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Pamper the special person in your life with this assortment of bath essentials that will bring the spa home to them. Give this set as the perfect gift for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, secret Santa, or just because.

  • Soap Rocks prepacked Gift Set includes an assortment of four of the following items: Aquamarine (4 oz), Jade (4 oz), Azurite-Malachite (4 oz), Malachite (4 oz), Rose Quartz (4 oz), Lapis Lazuli (4 oz) and Gold in Quartz (4 oz)
  • These 'semi-precious' soaps have a collectible quality to them and make a unique decorative accent in kitchen or bath. But it's when they are used that they really shine. They look like crystals, especially when wet, as the water lights up their brilliant colors.
  • As you use them, each soap slowly weathers away like a stream stone in geologic time, exposing even more beauty within.
  • Gently cleansing and long-lasting, they are made with extracts of the earth including aloe, chamomile, lavender, vitamin E, jojoba, olive and almond oils plus hydrating vegetable glycerin. Super mild, they are totally natural, biodegradable and lightly scented. Please note each Soap Rock is a unique handmade creation, so there may be slight variations in shape and color. Made in the USA.

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