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Fizzy Baker Christmas Cupcake Trio Gift Box

The Fizzy Baker The Fizzy Baker Christmas Cupcake Trio Gift Box 0114-12

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These unique fizzies look just like real cupcakes, but they're actually calorie-free indulgences for fizzing, fragrant and festive baths. Hand decorated, the frosting, sprinkles and decorations are made of soap, and each creation is the same size as a regular cupcake!

In the tub, each 'cake' fizzes and releases skin softening coconut oil and glycerin, while the frosting floats free to use just like soap.

Wrapped and ready for giving, our gift box includes three Christmas cupcakes with red and green cupcake bases and the seasonal scents of vanilla, cranberry and pear. Price includes gift box wrap. Use one cupcake per bath. Handmade in the USA.

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